Online Dating is Hard
You Must Start With Great Photos

With limited time and seemingly unlimited options on popular dating apps, people make snap judgments based on the smallest of clues. Regardless of which dating apps you use, the first past-or-fail depends on that initial three seconds first impression you make. Knowing that, what are the subliminal cues you are telegraphing through your pictures? A LOT is riding on your photographs, especially your opening photo.

Is Your Profile Performing as Well as It Could?

Men swipe on 60% of the women they see; women swipe on 6% of the men they see (Economist). The lack of traction you are experiencing might not be a reflection of you but of the quality of your photos, especially your first photo. You might not like to hear it but that is what you are being judged upon online, where the only medium people know about you is through your photos.

Receiving a low swipe rate from bad photos means your profile is pushed further down the queue and is shown to other low priority, inactive profiles with low match score who are even less likely to swipe you right if at all. This cycle continues until your profile is pushed so far down that you’re not receiving any match. 

Are You Conveying the Right Message


Most people are not professional photographer which means most people don’t have the knowledge and know-how to craft the right messages through photos. It is hard to communicate “I’m a cool guy with my shit together” through the internet with a collection of out-dated, slightly blurry and poorly taken photos.

If you have your life together but are scratching your head with the low quality of matches you get on online dating apps, it’s likely that your photos are to blame. There is an art and a science to this and it is worth investing to get it done right.

How Our Service Works

Why Choose Us

We Get It

It does not matter if you are camera shy or have never been photographed before, our photoshoot is structured to capture your best side: whether it be your killer smile, your sparkling eyes and your irresistible charm. Everyone has a best side and our professional photographer can help you capture and enhanced it through photos.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Unlike traditional photography service that charges upfront fee for their service, you only pay for the end result (the photos) for our service. We assume all the risk from the shoot because we are confident that you will love the result from using our service. In fact, many clients come back to us for repeat business. 

Completely Confidential

No one has to know that you used our service unless you want to tell them. We usually tell our clients to say that they helped pose for a friend who wants practice portrait photography if asked.

What Will My Photos Look Like?

Due to the nature of the shoot, the majority of our clients do not want their photos to be featured on the website, but here are some photos of other photographers taken from Unsplash for illustrative purpose. They are of similar style, composition and lighting that you could expect from us. If you’re okay with being featured on our website/promo materials, we can offer you a hugely discounted rate. Ask us to find out more!

Let's Find Your Best Side